Digital Marketing

Making Internet Retail Profitable

Shopkeepers welcome! Retail has arrived. Well for me it arrived 10 years ago from when my battles to not only keep it just profitable but cash profitable has been an ongoing challenge.  Here are my takes and you could call them learning by practice…. A Lean Startup Model works. For me the ongoing mantra is customer discovery, validation […]

Identifying drivers of performance

Every activity has a key driver that improves performance of that activity. For example, B2B sales has number of contacts made as a driver. So, the more contacts you make the more the chances of your success. Email marketing has number if people who open the newsletter as a driver, targeting it would increase the […]

Twitter means more – Interactions, Learning & Focus

I have been around on Twitter for 90 days now and it’s been an amazing experience. I have had interactions with great people who inspired me, gained a lot a knowledge in quick time & most importantly, i am doing things that i should be doing – focus on ecommerce and entrepreneurship. More interactions: I […]

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