Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

While having a conversation with one of my friends, i was describing the interest i have in being a serial entrepreneur and how i was surprised at the focus that some entrepreneurs have on one idea and how they develop it into a multi-million $ company.over few decades.

My friend retorted saying that there is no Entrepreneur and Serial Entrepreneur and that Entrepreneurs are driven by ideas and making them come to reality and that they move on to the next interesting idea.

Others who focus on single ideas for decades are actually businessmen and they should be not looked at as Entrepreneurs.

So, according to him, there are only Entrepreneurs and Businessmen and Serial Entrepreneurs don’t exist.

I am perplexed at what he said. May be, it is true?

Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

2 thoughts on “Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

  1. As far as i foresee a business man is a person who starts of with the sole purpose and idea of making profits and as he gradually grows he realizes after a point of time that there is more to business than just making profits and that very thought transforms him into an entrepreneur.

    I am sure Rishi must have felt the same way

  2. Raghu,
    I still reflect on it and don’t think there is an answer.
    It is just how people define, what they see around them.

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