Watching Sports is good for managers

Last one week I have been watching EURO 2012 and it has taught me a lot of lessons on management.

1) Organizing talent inside the team is more important than having them
2) Learn to switch off when you are not at office. It is difficult but seeing the best teams, I learnt it is necessary
3) Try till the last minute as all it takes for the fortune or results to come is few moments
4) It is very important to have team members who carry ideas and inspiration around. They are the ones who make the team achieve goals
5) Finally, its just a game. You loose some and you win some. Better enjoy ir when it lasts.

More later, going to watch football match now.

What did learn watching sports?

Watching Sports is good for managers

One thought on “Watching Sports is good for managers

  1. Yes Rishi, we learned something from sports… We may loss, but can know weaknesses we learn new strategies how to win Next time..

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