Identifying drivers of performance

Every activity has a key driver that improves performance of that activity. For example, B2B sales has number of contacts made as a driver. So, the more contacts you make the more the chances of your success. Email marketing has number if people who open the newsletter as a driver, targeting it would increase the […]

Entrepreneurs should keep it real and do what is right for the organization

As an Entrepreneur, vision is something that is your strong point but it is always necessary to ground your actions in reality as you are always working constrained resources. Some of the ways you can keep your actions grounded in reality are: Find a good co-founder who compliments you and can appreciate your strengths but […]

Making Board of Directors work for the entrepreneur

I, personally, feel that the founder / entrepreneur should exit their company’s day to day operations after it comes to a certain stage. It would be difficult for any company to grow out of its founders shadows / strengths and actually reach its full potential. I was doing research on how Board of Directors can […]

Two instances which tell India is an emerging Super Power

India is an emerging super power and i firmly believe in it. I found two more instances which confirm it. First instance, I was having a discussion with one of our content developers and he is writing a paper on Indian Philosophy to be presented at an International Convention. He was saying, historically, all indian […]

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