Idea does not know fear, share one!

Most of the people I work with, I have observed a tendency to share ideas with friendly colleagues but not with their team or managers.

Most probably, the reason is fear of ridicule, failure or assumed lack of subject matter expertise. These fears have to be addressed to make ideas flow inside teams or company.

Let’s take the fear of ridicule, I don’t see how somebody’s negative opinion about our idea should bother us, as most of us have grown in a society where change is not appreciated. How many times have our ideas been shot down by our friends, teachers or family members because it was not conforming to the standards that they have set. Therefore, accept this environment around us and give ideas anyways as the result may not be worse than what we have faced till now.

About fear of failure, history shows that no idea succeeded the first time it was tried. We should be happy if it succeeds the 10th or the 100th time. Therefore, expressing it and making sure it gets tried out as many times as possible is our responsibility as an idea owner.

About lack of experience, I have actually seen experienced professionals work hard to unlearn to generate fresh ideas. Therefore, freshness of thought and perspective is much valued than assumed by most of us.

So, just throw your inhibitions out of the nearest window and share one IDEA.

What do you say?

Idea does not know fear, share one!

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