Identifying drivers of performance

Every activity has a key driver that improves performance of that activity.

For example, B2B sales has number of contacts made as a driver. So, the more contacts you make the more the chances of your success.

Email marketing has number if people who open the newsletter as a driver, targeting it would increase the sales or visits to your proportionately.

Social Media Marketing has number of conversations as a driver, so, it does not matter how many updates you make. Until unless you create a conversation, it won’t result in engagement.

Affiliate marketing has number of impressions your banner is shown as a driver and Search Engine Marketing also has the same driver.

Merchandising has number of products seen by customer as the driver.

Similarly, businesses have different drivers. During startup phase, it is customer adoption as driver where as during growth phase it is Revenue that is key driver.

Revenue helps bring scale to the operation and therefore, brings more profits.

This realization is helping me drive the performance of the company.

What drivers of performance have you observed in your Job?

Identifying drivers of performance

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