My interaction with Maheshwar Peri CEO Careers 360

Spending 7 hrs with Maheshwar peri is like drinking strong coffee continuously. It is a great feeling but does not let you sleep for hours as there are so many things to gather in the conversation.

The conversation was mostly around building a successful company. His abilities are in no doubt on this topic as he successfully built Outlook and now careers360 is becoming stronger by the day.

To be truthful, We have built a company that is growing steadily but to grow at a scorching pace is an art and inputs from Business Learders like Mahesh helps a lot.

What are the learnings?

Eat, Sleep, Breathe and Live the Business Idea – When you start a company with a core idea, like “Gifting” for Gifting Inc or “Careers” for Careers 360. It is important that the entreprenuer or any business leader should become addicted to the core idea and have the question of “How their core idea can make a difference in the market?” According to Mahesh, this question alone lays strategy, direction and solves all business questions.

Own the customer – When you crave so much to add value through your core idea to the market, The customers love you for what you are and start coming to you for more answers. Then, you start owning the customers.

Increase industry partnerships – Your business lives in an ecosystem and only way we can add value is by contributing, sharing and colloborating with partners across the industry. It is about defining value that we can gain together rather compete.

Be patient but keep knocking -Mahesh was describing how it took 7 years for him to get noticed in the industry and 3 more years before he could get the first international magazine to tie up with him. He was patiently knowlcing on the opportunity door and was patient for it to come his way. Even with careers 360, he does not let his past success define the new sucess but lets the magazine do its own work and get recognition by itself.

Good inputs, right?

My interaction with Maheshwar Peri CEO Careers 360

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