Two instances which tell India is an emerging Super Power

India is an emerging super power and i firmly believe in it.

I found two more instances which confirm it.

First instance, I was having a discussion with one of our content developers and he is writing a paper on Indian Philosophy to be presented at an International Convention. He was saying, historically, all indian philosophy was in sanskrit and that too in profound words which a layman could not understand. Something like “Aham Brahma” which is profound but rarely unnderstood by laymen like me.

He said, his life amibition is to give explanantions to such expressions and make it understandable to billions of people.

There are scores of people who believe this and a slow, steady and untold revolution is happening. Look at the two websites which list indian bloggers Indian Blog Awards & Indian Bloggers List.

It is amazing how many of them have adopted blogging as a means to reach out to the world.

Second instance, I was watching NDTV program on “Professionals coming into politics“. It is really heartening to see them talking about change in Indian Politics. Three professionals really standout.

1) India head of ABN Amro bank Meera Sanyal (to contest elections from South Mumbai constituency as an independent candidate).

2) An activist, dancer, an MBA Mallika Sarabhai ( has taken the plunge into the rough and tumble of politics as an independent politician)

3) Shashi Tharoor, a writer and former U.N. under-secretary general (Rolling up his sleeves to contest as Congress candidate from Thiruvananthapuram)

Whether they win or not, they would give confidence to lot more professionals to jump into the political band wagon. This would lead to more accountability & growth oriented policies.

What’s your opinion?

How do you see India changing and emerging?

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26. March 2009 by Rishi
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